Artificial Intelligence (AI), is rapidly appearing in our everyday world, from “Alexa” to autonomous self-driving vehicles, it’s all around us! And now it’s being used in exciting ways to make a difference in all kinds of industries. So, what can it mean for your business and how can AI be used to extract efficiencies and value from the most routine tasks to revolutionizing the way you do business? Below are just some of the AI technologies & solutions companies are adopting to transform the content and process aspects of their businesses.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

The understanding of human language, spoken or written. Some applications are Amazon’s Alexa or IBM’s Watson. In business it’s used in chat bots, converting audio to text and classification of content, resulting in better customer experiences or automation of mundane tasks.

Machine Learning (ML)

The simulation of human intelligence, including learning without explicit instructions. Some applications are airline dynamic pricing or workflow recommendation engines, as well as advanced classification of content with deeper information, insights and associations.

Predictive Analytics

The ability of predicting outcomes using a combination of statistical algorithms, data mining, predictive modelling and machine learning. Supply chain logistics or predicting health concerns such as predicting the spread of pathogens are common applications.

Computer Vision

The automation of tasks that the human visual system does including acquiring, processing, analyzing and understanding digital images. Applications include law enforcement monitoring systems, facial recognition & diagnostic imaging.


Software and devices that can act on inputs such as Internet of Things (IoT) data to execute and make autonomous decisions. Tools include Robotic Process Automation resulting in quick task automation and API integration.


The composition and execution of various components or steps in an automated process. Often uses a workflow engine commonly found in many enterprises to link disparate systems and information to enable workflows.

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