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SAP content should be at your teams’ fingertips with SAP Content Archiving & Linking. Is yours?

Storing, managing, maintaining and retrieving business documents securely, easily and quickly is critical to your business performance. Keeping document attachments and historical data in SAP only grows databases with time… bogging down performance and frustrating users. Archiving to file systems help, but without search and indexes, these approaches don’t easily extend your business content across the organization. docuflow is an SAP Certified solution that uses SAP ArchiveLink standards to not only securely archive documents and data to a repository of your choice, but extend SAP data to your content so it’s searchable and usable in other non-SAP processes.

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docuflow is a fully integrated, intelligent SAP Certified archiving and linking system that securely archives all your historical data and documentation in your cloud content services platform enabling:

  • Bidirectional linking and simple real-time access through your SAP user interface when needed, securely, anytime, anywhere.

  • Data archiving on your content services platform(s) to manage your SAP database and optimize your system performance.

  • Efficient real-time archiving and linking with SAP to enable constant access to historical data directly from the SAP user interface.

  • Intelligent automation to interpret and extract metadata from SAP and synchronize with your content repository and access in users’ preferred application.


  • Reduces the expense of SAP archiving and linking by using more efficient and easier to implement cloud technologies.
  • Gets you to value quickly and seamlessly by leveraging existing content services platforms and licenses.
  • Frees-up resources from manual processes without costly changes to existing infrastructure.
  • Puts business content in your users’ hands where and when they need it.
  • Enables teams to shift their focus from manual time-consuming and error-prone tasks to driving your business.
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SAP Certified integration with SAP S/4HANA
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Our no-cost Automation First Workshop helps you uncover the value docuflow content archiving & linking can drive for your business.