Legal Matter Management

Improve the efficiency, security, consistency and compliance of your corporate legal department with Altien and IBM® FileNet.

Legal Matter Management has become critical for organizations with increasing regulations, multiple business locations and widespread third-party collaborations leading to greater complexity and higher information volumes. Corporate legal teams face a growing need for automation and digitization. Continual improvement and optimization of matter management can be achieved by implementing a legal matter management solution to automate and streamline matter related tasks.

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Technology is revolutionizing the legal profession, shifting it from a traditionally paper-intensive and time-consuming process to a quicker, more flexible way of working. Altien's Legal Matter Management Software puts simplicity and efficiency at the core of its design.

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VersaFile has partnered with Altien to offer a Legal Matter Manager solution specifically designed for corporate legal departments. The Altien Solution is an advanced, matter centric document & email management solution, including analytics and process management. Along with the underlying power of the IBM FileNet platform components, the Altien solution is a perfect answer for:

  • Centralized information control & risk mitigation with seamless integration of document comparison, legal holds, matter management and records management systems.
  • Improved legal service delivery by enabling multi-party task collaboration, approval processes, and secure sharing of legal documents.
  • Reduced legal spend by managing the mix of outside vs. in house counsel, by enforcing billing guidelines and by providing increased scrutiny of invoices submitted by outside counsel before invoices are submitted.
  • Increased productivity & improved work priorities by automating manual tasks.


Altien Legal Matter Manager solution can collect information from any source such as existing document management systems, web, social media, and emails.  The material can then be accessed, filed, shared, controlled and delivered to relevant parties. 

The solution is available on-premise or cloud and integrates with IBM FileNet Content Foundation for content and process management, IBM Datacap, IBM eDiscovery Services and IBM Watson Analytics.

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Altien LLM features that let you manage and integrate
your everyday activities into an effective
Legal Matter Management Solution

Matter Management

Matter Management

Flexible matter-centric model that can be configured for different legal practice areas.

MS Office Integration

Microsoft Integration

Retrieve, add, check-in and checkout documents directly within the Microsoft 365 application.

Contract Management

Contract Management

Identify relevant clauses, manage contract dates, identify and report on special clauses and company/client obligations.

Task Management

Task Management

Automate matter and document-centric processes from ad hoc tasks to complex, multi-party processes.

Matter Calendaring

Matter Calendaring

Capture key matter dates and automatically set and send reminders to your team.

Knowledge Database

Knowledge Management

Store and share internal best practices, research and outside work product.

Email Integration

E-Mail Integration

Automated server-based filing of inbound and outbound emails into relevant matter files.

Document Management

Document Management

Captures and classifies all documents created with easy access and management.

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Flexible, no limits reporting & analytics of matter-centric data for compliance or marketing purposes.


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