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Unlock the value of your SAP content & free your teams up to do what they do best.

Archive, link, automate and sync your enterprise content management systems with SAP. No matter how disparate your systems might be, docuflow digitizes and automates your workflows so your teams can shift their focus from manual task and process management to driving more value for your business.


With docuflow, teams can see and interact with content in the platform they’re used to. Whether it’s Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Box, FileNet or OpenText Documentum, you can connect SAP to your content services platform or multiple platforms. 


SAP Business Document Storage

docuflow is an SAP Certified solution that provides inbound and outbound document storage and linking from SAP to your preferred content services repository. It enables the flow of tasks and process between these cloud and on-premise content services platforms for SAP ArchiveLink:


Enhanced SAP Business Document Storage

Beyond pure archive and link functions, docuflow presents a user-friendly SAP drag-and-drop document capture screen and an extensive Content API that enables more advanced features and opportunities for customized functions, giving business users more tools at their fingertips.

Bidirectional Dynamic & Static Metadata Syncing

Leveraging the Content API, docuflow syncs metadata between SAP and your content services system. Update SAP records and trigger automated SAP tasks so teams can focus on driving revenue for your business instead of manual archiving and linking. 

SAP Document Management System (DMS) Integration

Extend SAP DMS inbound and outbound capabilities securely by storing DMS documents and metadata in your preferred content services repository so teams can create, collaborate and share seamlessly.

Migration Utilities

Whether you’re moving to the cloud, carving out data for divestitures or replacing a legacy system, docuflow transfers and enhances SAP linked content between your content management systems while updating and managing links automatically. 

Message Output Storage

Capture, archive and link SAP message output and metadata automatically within Microsoft 365, Box or any other content management solution. With docuflow, users can access content easily and securely whether they’re working in SAP or whichever content repository is in place. 

Print List Storage 

Capture, archive and link SAP Cost Center Reports, cumulative audit trails, inventory lists and other comprehensive reports for easy, fast and secure collaboration both inside and outside of SAP.

Content Management System (CMS) API

docuflow’s SAP Certified CMS API is a “do-anything” gateway to and from your preferred content services platform and SAP including SCRUD (Select, Create, Read, Update, Delete) calls, SAP task automation, custom ABAP code, calling workflow tools, bots and AI services to streamline your business processes. 

Data Archiving (ADK) 

As your SAP system grows, docuflow uses standard SAP Archive Development Kit (ADK) or XML techniques to ease the load on your live system by creating and storing your archive files securely into your content management platform. Access your archived data when needed directly through SAP.   

Administrator Workbench

As the nerve-center of docuflow, and sitting within the SAP boundary, the feature rich workbench manages configuration, reporting and monitoring of your system and gives you a command-center view of dashboards, errors and performance analysis.


docuflow is a low-code/no-code solution that enables you to streamline and automate time-consuming, manual SAP processes. From automatic capture to Intelligent Automation, you can do anything including triggering SAP and content services processes to intelligent execution of resource-intensive tasks.


Enhanced Inbound Processing

Recognize documents captured in your CMS and automatically link to corresponding records in SAP with Inbound SAP Linking for easy access. Create new records and trigger tasks automatically with docuflow’s “do anything” no-code/low-code capabilities including support for custom ABAP code.

Bidirectional Workflow & Process Integration

Integrate complex workflows such as Accounts Payable and Onboarding between SAP, your content services platform and third-party systems by syncing SAP inbound and outbound activities and triggering tasks and bots to execute across the system.

Extended Choice Lists 

docuflow automatically extends SAP choice lists such as asset lists and vendor lists to your content services platform, allowing users to access standard taxonomy without having to maintain separate databases with conflicting information. 

AuditLink for SAP

Retrieve and bundle audit-related documents for export or collaboration quickly, easily and securely. Provide users across the business with supporting documents to their daily reports instantly at their fingertips.

Accounts Payable

docuflow’s Accounts Payable solution not only works with your preferred content services repository but comes with templated AP workflows in SAP that can be configured to your exact specifications. Our solution patterns will help you get into production and earning value faster.

HR Onboarding

docuflow comes with templated HR Onboarding patterns for SAP and your content management system. Use our accelerators to create an end-to-end digital Onboarding solution using our patterns for content capture, content services document storage and automated processes. 



Reduce manual SAP workflows and eliminate error-prone tasks.


Access business content securely at your fingertips, inside and outside of SAP.


With enhanced SAP performance and refined tools for managing workflows and automating tasks and sharing business content.


Reduce SAP administrative overhead, storage and maintenance costs.


Ensure you’re not over- or under-retaining business content for audits, compliance and e-discovery.


Seamless with low-code/no-code implementation leveraging your existing infrastructure creates immediate value without the hefty implementation costs.


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