Enterprise Content Management to Content Services

A strategy for success in the modern workplace.

As organizations retool their ways of working to improve collaboration, they generally look to the cloud for the most modern solutions. And as organizations look for opportunities to put more platforms and workloads in the cloud, content management often becomes a prime target for migration.

The problem is, some cloud-based content management platforms are good at some things, but not everything. And that “everything” may include critical business processes that can’t be replicated in today’s cloud-based content management platforms.

The purpose of this white paper is to help organizations take a practical approach to understanding and aligning their evaluation of content services platforms with consideration of the use cases content services need to address today.

The white paper features important insights, including:

  1. The common challenges when implementing a content strategy
  2. Choosing the right content management platform for your specific use cases
  3. Key players offering Content Services Platforms
  4. How to build a successful content strategy?
ECM to Content Services

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