Intelligent processes drive operational excellence.

Are you looking for ways to accelerate your digital business transformation? Processes and workflows are the core of any organization. Understanding and analyzing these processes with data-driven insights, through Process and Task mining uncover actionable insight that helps stakeholders make informed decisions to improve existing business processes and map an intelligent automation strategy.

Intelligent Processes are the key to effective workflows and Business Transformation.

Process Intelligence applies data science to discover, validate and improve workflows. By combining data and task mining, using process analytics, machine learning & AI organizations can mine data from their information systems, gain human-level context to fully understand the performance of their processes, revealing opportunities to optimize and improve business processes that deliver demonstrable business value.

5 ways Process and Task Mining can Transform Your Business

1. Intelligent Automation

Not sure which use cases are optimal candidates for automation? Through Task Mining with detailed process insight provided by Computer Vision, AI and Analytics you can isolate activities and identify optimal opportunities and use cases for automation.

2. Operational Efficiency

Facing constant pressure to reduce operating expenses? Weighing options is difficult when you lack the data and information you need to make informed decisions that will make the greatest impact in achieving your business goals. Process Mining can drive insight into operating costs, patterns, and operational inefficiencies, and provide analysis to cost metrics and KPI’s.

3. Process Improvement

Looking to improve existing processes with Automation? Traditional process documentation approaches which involve interviews, questionnaires, and anecdotes have been producing sub-optimal outcomes for years. With Task Mining you can gain real insight into the actual work patterns and processes.

4. System Optimization

Enterprise systems can’t keep up with your evolving processes? After layers of changes, upgrades, and reorganizations, business functions are affected by poorly supporting systems and often become obstacles to successful outcomes. Functionality ends up being replicated in multiple systems, optimal flows are disjointed and split, and the experience suffers. Leveraging cross-application insights provided by Process Mining you can visualize the full process across systems.

5. Compliance

Managing compliance in your growing organization becoming a hassle? Today’s unprecedented business environment has forced organizations to adopt new distributed work patterns at a breakneck pace. With Task Mining detailed data of everything that occurs on a user’s machine, you can create a framework for your business to ensure that your employees are following corporate and regulatory compliance standards.

Use Cases


Process intelligence can improve inter-organizational processes, audit accounts, increase income, and broaden its customer base.


Process Intelligence can help provide recommendations for reducing the treatment processing time of patients.


Process Intelligence provides insights into buyer behaviors and provides accurate recommendations to increase sales.


Process Intelligence can help streamline the invoice process for public works projects, which involve various stakeholders, such as construction companies, cleaning businesses, and environmental bureaus.


Process Intelligence helps assign the appropriate resources depending on the case—i.e. product—attributes, allowing managers to transform their business operations. They can gain insight into production times and reallocate resources, such as storage space, machines, or workers, accordingly.


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