Take control over incoming documents to realize business value.

Capture is the critical starting point of your information management journey. The sooner you get incoming content and data into your key systems and into the hands of those who need it, the more efficient your employees and downstream processes will be. Regardless of how much automation you have, workflows can’t be kicked off without the appropriate information first. 

Transforms unstructured and semi-structured information into usable data.

Many organizations still rely on paper documents and tedious, error-prone manual data entry to get information into their core business systems. As the volume of documents from disparate sources, formats, and locations grows by the day, it becomes too much to manage. 

Through Document Capture and OCR we can help you gain control over incoming documents and easily extract necessary data whenever and wherever it enters your organization.

What is Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)?

Intelligent document processing is the next generation of automation, able to capture, extract, and process data from a variety of document formats.

Integrating Artificial Intelligence brings AI and deep learning with low-code tooling to help you eliminate manual document processing. Classify and extract information from your business documents more quickly, easily and accurately. 

Traditional tools are not meant for a modern workplace. Don't you agree?

Traditional document capture solutions cannot meet the document processing demands of today’s digital world. IDP helps accelerate the processing of large volumes of unstructured data.  Removing slow, error-prone manual work by your employees to save time and improve data accuracy.  That means you can respond quickly to new opportunities without adding staff, improve compliance transparency, power-up automated workflows with valuable data, and achieve faster ROI. 

Adapt quickly with Artificial Intelligence

Model and process new documents rapidly using deep learning and AI.

Power transformative applications

Deliver more data faster to digital transformation projects with AI-led automation tools.

Get a faster return on investment

Reduce project lead times and risk with rapid training, building, and deployment.

Use Cases


IDP can help automate workflows to capture, extract, and securely store key data to optimize the customer experience, retention, and improved profitability. 


IDP can help automate document processing, achieve consistent compliance, maintain security, and improve overall customer service. 


IDP can help manage important documents, ensure fast and easy retrieval, increase the speed and scale of processing, and expedite the approval process ensuring improved customer experience.


IDP can help data from any source be automatically extracted, classified, and integrated into ERP and accounting systems to eliminate human error and reduce processing time and costs.


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