Empower business users, make better decisions, and optimize customer experiences with intelligent decision services.

Intelligent Decisions is the process of using machine learning and business rules to automate decisions allowing for Intelligence operational decisions to improve customer experiences.

Infuse Intelligence in Business Decision Making.

Why automate decisions? Automating decisions through a decision management system enables businesses to create and manage business logic independently from applications and processes. With Intelligent Decisions, businesses can also leverage AI and machine learning to make decisions with precision, targeting specific processes or each customer interaction intelligently.

Because decision management solutions are easily integrated with other IT systems, your applications can scale and execute automated decisions across multiple channels. Business rules software is typically quick and easy to update, giving businesses the agility and speed to meet changing demands.

“if I were to choose which capability to automate based on the most significant benefit, it would be to automate decisions, once I have automated decisions it can impact processes across the organization”.

Pascal Bornet, AI, automation and innovation leader, author of “Intelligent Automation – Welcome to the world of HyperAutomation".

Unlock the Next Generation of Business Decision Management

1. Empowering Business Stakeholders

Enable business users to create and manage business logic. Use business rules software to intuitively model, author and validate decisions in a low-code environment. Through an intuitive and graphical user interface of Decision Designer bring together all the tools business experts need to model complex business decisions. Learn more→

2. Infusing business decisions with machine learning

The data of your organization contains highly valuable information that you can use to make better decisions. Integrate predictive models with decision models to gain insight into your data and make business decisions with greater accuracy. Learn more→

3. Deploying and executing decision services

When a decision service needs to be modified, business stakeholders, can test and validate to ensure the rules are applied as intended. Then working with Administrators, it can be securely deployed through a continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) stack before being rolled out to production.

4. Optimizing customer experiences

A customer-centric strategy relies on intelligent business decisions. Use advanced analytics to adapt to changes in real-time and exceed customer expectations. Learn more→

Use Cases


Manage business policies across your banking systems to adapt quickly to market changes, provide personalized offers and pricing, reduce regulatory compliance costs, and help prevent fraud.


Improve responsiveness to market demands and competitive threats, automate claim adjudication and improve the transparency and auditability of your policies.


Anticipate demand and quality issues, increase equipment uptime and add flexibility to rigid manufacturing and assembly line processes.


Increase operational agility, create personalized offers, speed up campaign development and enhance customer experience by helping retailers make near real-time decisions.


In addition to streamlining operations and providing a better customer experience, which allows you to capture market opportunities faster, you can do so while managing changes in regulation.


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